Helmsley Primitive Methodist chapel

Photo:former Helmsley Primitive Methodist chapel

former Helmsley Primitive Methodist chapel

Keith Guyler 1992

Bridge Street, Helmsley

By Christopher Hill

Keith Guyler's notes say that the Primitive Methodists used a Quaker meeting house.  The date on the front of the building is 1812 and it was extended in 1831.

It was used until the 1970s but Keith Guyler described it as derelict at the time of his photograph.  I am unable to find it on Google Street View in 2009, but that may be because I don't know exactly where to look.  Does it still exist?

This page was added by Christopher Hill on 18/04/2015.
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It's inaccessible to Google StreetView - for better or worse! 

The building was developed into the thriving Helmsley Arts Centre - some information, dates and history are given here http://www.helmsleyarts.co.uk/about-us

I would be interested, Christopher, if you had (or knew the whereabouts of) any further images of this splendid building...


By oleredeye
On 29/04/2015

Thanks for the update.  It's good to see that the building is used by the community -I'm sure the original members would have approved.  I don't have any further pictures I'm afraid, but other visitors to this site may well have.  There will also be references to Helmsley Primitive Methodists either by searching this site or spending a while (preferably on a wet afternoon) browsing the Primitive Methodist magazine - see the links on the Research Resources page.

By Christopher Hill
On 30/04/2015

Hello,I have recently purchased some crockery stamped' Helmsley Primitive chapel' would dearly like a copy of this snap to accompany it! any chance of a photo Regards Julian

By Julian Langston
On 18/04/2016


The original photograph is with the Guyler archive held at the Oxford Brookes University Library. The best we can do is for you to copy the picture above from the site for your own personal use. If you click on the picture, a window will open with the original scan which ought to give you reasonable resolution. You can then download that to your own computer.

By Geoff Dickinson
On 18/04/2016

Now demolished and replaced by a small theatre

By Colin Dews
On 02/03/2018