High Green Primitive Methodist chapel

Wortley Road High Green Sheffield S35 4LT

High Green Primitive Methodist chapel

The 1877 Primitive Methodist magazine contains a note of the opening of a new Primitive Methodist chapel at High Green in the Sheffield Third circuit. We are told nothing more.

The 1891 Ordnance Survey map shows a Primitive Methodist chapel on the southern side of what was then Rotherham Road, now Wortley Road, west of the junction with Thompson Hill and opposite the Salutation Inn. It was set back from the road.

Thanks to Joan Saul for the following short extract from “Chapeltown and High Green” by Joan and Mel Jones (p.95); ” A strong Methodist tradition was developed in the area, partly through the early efforts of the founders of Newton Chambers, who were staunch Methodists, who recruited workmen through Methodist channels in other areas.”


Primitive Methodist magazine 1877 page 755

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  • Sheffield Archives :
    ref. X11/6, Hymn Sheet, printed 24th December 1916 – High Green Primitive Methodist. Memorial Service of Sergeant Tom Lockwood, military medallist, fell 6th November 1916. The heading of sheet includes “Greater love hath no man than this : that a man lay down his life for his friends”.
    Yours sincerely, Ray & Marie. ( Æ ).

    By Raymond E. O. Ælla. (12/06/2022)
  • Thanks for the information Joan. The Photographic Archives picture and information you refer to is here.

    The New Connexion building on Thompson Hill was from a different variety of Methodist – the New Connexion, who essentially believed the same things as the Primitive Methodists, but disagreed over who would make the decisions and the role of clergy/ lay people.

    I’ve added a page about the Thompson Hill chapel on our partner My Primitive Methodists site here.

    By Christopher Hill (16/03/2022)
  • The Chapel was on Stoneygate, one of my realatives Daniel Dransfield helped there, he has a memorial stone inside the building. Look on Ecclesfield Photographic Archives for a little more info.
    I can remember another Chapel at the top of Thompson Hill; it had New Connexion on the front, so I don’t know if that was Primitive.

    By Joan Saul (15/03/2022)

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