Kettering Bath Road Primitive Methodist chapel


former chapel at Bath Road Kettering
Keith Guyler 1999

There were at least four Methodist chapels in Kettering.

The Primitive Methodist Chapel erected on Bath Road in 1906 was a very large, impressive red brick structure with architectural detailing to the front. At the time of Keith Guyler’s photograph and on Google Street View in 2012 it is shown as used by ‘Timsons’ book and printing factory.

.The 1902 Primitive Methodist magazine tells us a good site has been secured for a new chapel to replace the rented chapel then in use. Mr Bicheno the minister  the person in charge of the work in the society, had great enthusiasm and optimism.

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  • Bath Road Primitive Methodist Chapel was built of brick. The design was classical with a roundel in the pediment and a name strap below. The lettering has been largely obliterated but it is still possible to discern the letters MIT from Primitive. The porch is a modern, probably Timson addition. In 1940 the accommodation consisted of a chapel measuring 78½ feet by 34 feet and seating (in pews) 276 on the floor of the chapel and 220 in the gallery which extended around three sides of the building, a hall 66½ by 33 feet, and six vestries/classrooms. It was subsequently closed and became the head office for Timsons Engineering whose main primises are on the opposite side of the road. At present the building appears to be little used although it is surrounded by Timsons carparks and the garden on the south side has been well maintained
    John Rylands Library University of Manchester, DDPD1/687 Methodist Church Buildings: Statistical returns including seating accommodation as at July 1st 1940
    Site visit, 11.1.2018

    By G W Oxley (12/06/2020)

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