Farnhill Primitive Methodist Chapel West Yorkshire

This stone chapel was built in 1897

interior of Farnhill Primitive Methodist chapel; from an undated postcard
provided by Randle Knight

According to the 1851 Census of Religious Worship a Primitive Methodist Preaching Room was erected in Starkey Lane about 1830.

The present day chapel built in1897 is large and its backwall is on the edge of the Leeds and Liverpool Canal as the canal goes through the Aire Valley.

In 2011 it is still open for worship

Photos taken in 2011

OS Map ref:104:SE008462

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  • West Yorkshire Archives Service, Bradford branch:

    Ref. Farnhill Primitive Methodist Chapel Records. Quite a selection of documents pre-1932, e.g., Organ Committee Minutes 1907-1915. Band of Hope Accounts 1880-1924. Sunday School Records 1926, etc. Choir Accounts 1907-1914. Choir Attendance 1923-1924., etc.

    The Chapel is now closed. At a Parish Meeting 22nd Feb., 2018, there was a proposal to have the Chapel converted into 2 apartments with off-road parking, but a decision of more authority would have to be by the local government’s District Council, a decision by the latter not known by me at this message posting.

    By Raymond E.O.Ella (10/04/2018)
  • The architects were John Judson & Moore of Keighley

    By Colin Dews (01/03/2018)

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