Featherstone Primitive Methodist chapel

Wakefield Road Featherstone, Pontefract, West Yorkshire WF7 5HL

Featherstone Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1999

Featherstone Wakefield Road Primitive Methodist chapel was closed in the 1960s and became the A645 Trading Post.  Keith Guyler notes that it held 200 people.

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  • Streethouse (Street House), near Featherstone.
    W.Y.A.S. :
    ref. WWM211/C26/12, Streethouse Primtive Methodists [ on Whinny Lane], baptisms 1918-1932, 1933-1959, no continuation.
    Specifications to be erected 1879 with plan of Chapel.*

    *In Streethouse there is/was later a newer small Methodist Church built.

    O.S. Map, c.1890-3, Methodist Chapel ( Primitive ), top left of map :

    Kind regards, R&M.

    By Raymond E. O. Ella ( Ælla ). (13/06/2022)
  • Some W.Y.A.S. PM documents, a duplicated list.
    O.S. Map, surveyed 1890, published 1893, South Featherstone, [ on Wakefield Road ], Methodist, Primitive: https://maps.nls.uk/view/125646495

    Kind regards, Ray & Marie.

    By Raymond E. O. Ella. ( Æ ). (09/06/2022)
  • Extra :
    ref. additional, WWN 85/C6/15, ad’l, Featherstone Lane, Primitive Methodist, Featherstone ( North ), baptisms 1878-1932, 1933-1964, other documents to 1974.

    Kind regard, Ray & Marie.

    By Raymond E. O. Ælla (09/06/2022)
  • A posting we made for the PM chapel on Wakefield Road, Featherstone : awaiting to be added.

    Kind regards, R&M.

    By Ray & Marie. ( Æ ). (09/06/2022)
  • Primitive Methodist Chapel on Featherstone Lane, Featherstone, other side of the lane was/is Robins Terrace.
    O.S. Map, 25 inch scale, Yorkshire, CCXLIX.3, revised 1905, published 1907.
    The Sunday School built later in 1912.

    West Yorkshire Archive Services :
    ref. ( 000111 )- C111/271-274, Featherstone Lane, Primitive Methodist, Featherstone, records, 4 volumes, to include marriages, 1925-1932, 1933-64.

    Kind regards, R&M.

    By Raymond E. O. Ælla (09/06/2022)
  • Additional at W.Y.A.S :
    ref. WWT/FE/4/1//2/Box. Plan 706, Sunday School on Featherstone Lane, Featherstone, year 1912, Primate Methodist Church.
    ref. ( 00011 )- C111/271-2744, records, 1925-1932-64, four volumes, marriages, etc., Featherstone Lane, Primitive Methodist Church.

    Kind regards, Ray & Marie.

    By Raymond E. O. Ella. ( Æ ). (08/06/2022)
  • West Yorkshire Archives Service :
    ref. WWM84/C6/14, South-Wakefield Road, Primitive Methodists, Featherstone, records 1907-1932, 1933-64.

    Kind regards, Ray & Marie. ( Æ ).

    By Raymond E. O. Ella. ( Æ ). (08/06/2022)

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