Galantry Elms (Gallowstree Elms) Primitive Methodist chapel

Enville Rd, Kinver, Stourbridge DY7 6BL

In the 1855 and 1856 Primitive Methodist magazines Joseph Hutchings writes of the building of a new chapel in the Kidderminster circuit at a place called Galantry Elms (sic). At the time, the society was growing steadily ; it nearly doubled in the previous year.

“The foundation-stone of another connexional chapel in this circuit, was laid at the Galantry Elms, on Monday, October 15th, 1855, by Mr. John Pullen, of Worcester. Addresses were delivered by the writer, Rev. R. Jones, and Mr. John Pullen. … The land was given by Mr. Thomas Arnold, and the chapel will be built free of cost by Mr. Simmonds, builder; so that we have only to find materials.

The opening services took place from Sunday, May 25th, 1856; sermons were preached by George Pearson, of Brierly Hill, Thomas Morgan, Rev. Henry Higginson and Mr. William Dudley.  At both ceremonies the congregations were large, and the collections liberal. Special thanks were due to Mr. Thomas Turley and Mr. George Williams, “for the interest they have taken in the erection”

“The chapel is built of brick, covered with slate; it is 21 ft. wide and 26 ft. in length, and well ventilated. It will seat 150 persons. The total cost of the undertaking is £110, towards which we have begged about £40. We are happy to say we have a good congregation, the seats are all let, and our society is doing well”

But where on earth was this chapel?  It turns out to be on Enville Rd, Kinver, Stourbridge DY7 6BL

I could find no place called Galantry Elms however gallantry was spelled. Then the 1856 account gave the guidance “Galantry Elms near Kniver” – and there’s no place called Kniver either. Kniver turns out to be Kinver near Stourbridge – and just to the north is Gallowtree Elms. The chapel is clearly marked on the 1883 1:2,500 Ordnance Survey map on the west side of Enville Road at what is now Heathermount Grange.

By the 1903 map the chapel has disappeared. By 1973 the chapel has long gone – but the wooded area to the west of it is still labelled Chapel Piece plantation.


Primitive Methodist magazine December 1855 p.752

Primitive Methodist magazine August 1856 pp.496-497


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  • Cracked it! Galantry Elms is actually Gallowstree Elms near Stourbridge. I’ve amended the account above so it makes sense!

    By Christopher Hill (30/03/2017)

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