Keenley Primitive Methodist chapel

Keenley Primitive Methodist chapel
Christian Messenger 1921/266
Chapels of the Allendale circuit 1912
Christian Messenger 1912/28
Keenley Primitive Methodist chapel

Keenley is to the west of Allentown.

I was unable to find a Primitive Methodist chapel on old Ordnance Survey maps of the area.  Thanks to Philip Thornborow for finding the chapel at the junction where Appletree Bank intersects with Common Bank.   To the north of the junction was Keenleywell House. To the south-west was the chapel and to the south-east a school. Street View shows the school is still standing, Keenleywell House is a copse with one or two buildings, but the chapel has gone without a trace.  The map is available on the National Library of Scotland site at:  – go to

As Philip comments, a typical rural Methodist chapel then – in the middle of nowhere, built for a population who have long left the land.

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  • The map neatly illustrates how much has changed since the earliest days of Methodism. Less than a mile from Keenley Primitive Methodist chapel, and in an even more remote location, is the former Wesleyan chapel: founded in 1750, definitely visited by John Wesley, rebuilt in 1875. Still open, with services once a fortnight. More details in the Methodist Heritage Handbook p35

    By Philip Thornborow (05/08/2020)

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