Annfield Plain Primitive Methodist chapel

The chapel was built in 1839, and enlarged in 1869.

Annfield Plain Primitive Methodist Church circa 1888
Supplied by John E Hogg
Front Street N Annfield Plain (source of first image) circa 1888
Supplied by John E Hogg
Return from Annfield Plain Primitive Methodist chapel in the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
transcribed by David Tonks 2020

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  • Reference my last posting. It looks like your dating might well be correct. The pub previously mentioned has a date stone for 1899 and I [incorrectly] assumed that was the date that it moved at that time. However, the OS survey of 1895 shows that the move had already taken place and the 1899 date marked the completion of extension and rebuilding the property. So I am inclined to believe that your dating is probably closer to the truth than I previously thought.

    By Neville Bougourd (26/02/2023)
  • When was this chapel closed as a chapel? I am confused by the dating of this photo especially by the building on the far right which was a pub from before 1857 until 1899. In this photo it appears as a clothing store so 1888 seems wrong dating.

    By Neville Bougourd (26/02/2023)

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