Sheffield Fir Vale Primitive Methodist chapel

57 Owler Lane, Sheffield S4 8GA

Fir Vale Primitive Methodist chapel

The 1889 November Primitive Methodist magazine notes the laying of foundation stones for a mission hall and vestries at Fair Vale in Sheffield. They had missioned the area and rented a room for a few years previously. The new premises were expected to cost £430 and hold 200.

Where was Fair Vale? The name doesn’t seem to exist.  However, there are a couple of places called Fir Vale, one south of Harthill off Winney Lane and the other in Sheffield itself, much more likely to be the chapel in the magazine.  Fir Vale was a large house at the junction of  Owler Lane and Firth Park Road which gave its name to the area to the north and west.

Within 10 years of the opening of Fir Vale Primitive Methodist chapel it was overshadowed by its close Wesleyan neighbour, the large and impressive grade 2 listed Trinity Methodist church which closed in 2017

Fir Vale Primitive Methodist chapel still stands on Owler Lane, and in 2019 is in retail use by Jon’s Sheds.


Primitive Methodist magazine November 1889 page 700

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  • Judith,
    Any surviving records should be in the local county archive.

    By Geoff Dickinson (14/03/2021)
  • My grandad, Arthur Hancock, in later life ( in the 1950s and 60s?) used to play the organ at a chapel down that way.. we lived at Page Hall nearby. I would bump into him on his way back from there sometimes. I was brought up C of E.
    I don’t think it would be Trinity Methodist.. I think it could have been Owler Lane? He had a full sized harmonium, with stops and foot bellows, in the front room at home, and would play hymns – I loved to “play” on it on visits.
    I am curious if there are records relating to this chapel, and where they are.

    By Judith (14/03/2021)

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