Laisterdyke Zion Primitive Methodist chapel

Maltby Street

Laisterdyke Zion Primitive Methodist chapel
Primitive Methodist Conference Handbook 1911

Laisterdyke Primitive Methodist chapel was one of the Bradford chapels used when the Primitive Methodist conference came to Bradford in 1911.  It was also used (with the same picture!) when the Conference returned in 1930.

It had been opened in 1846 and closed in 1959.

The opening is reported by John Davison in the Primitive Methodist magazine of 1846.

I can find little specific information about the chapel.  I can’t even find Maltby Street in Laisterdyke, either on Google maps or Old Ordnance Survey maps.

Can anyone help?


1999 Terry J G The Causes and effects of the divisions within Methodism 1796 – 1853 PhD thesis, University of Huddersfield accessed online January 27th 2016 at sets out the story of the development of Primitive Methodism in Bradford and District

Primitive Methodist magazine 1846 pages 500-501

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  • An old map with a slider to the bottom left which changes between old map and google map

    showing Maltby Street

    By David Robinson (13/10/2021)
  • My great Aunt Annie lived in Maltby St and my grandparents took me to visit as a child. I would say it was demolished around 1966/7 and my great aunt was sent to live in a flat at Bierley which seemed like the back end of nowhere

    By Mike Ellis (30/05/2020)
  • Yes, my great grandmother was married here in 1895 on the 2nd day of July

    By Thomas Worthington (01/06/2019)
  • Thanks to Howard Richter for the following:
    “You note here that you are not aware of the location of Maltby Street. It was south of Leeds Road and has been extinguished.

    The chapel stood on the west side of the street at SE 1848 3290 as seen here in the 1890s.

    The corresponding aerial view today is here.
    The chapel was in the centre of the view – between ‘Bradford Bolt and Nut’ and ‘Cardinal Shopfitting Systems'”

    By Christopher Hill (24/03/2019)

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