Levening (Leavening) Primitive Methodist chapel

York Road, Leavening, Malton YO17 8DB

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Levening Primitive Methodist chapel (now usually spelled Leavening) in the Hull circuit was opened on Sunday 8th October 1820.

The preacher at the opening was John Verity, who wrote an account of it in the Primitive Methodist magazine.

There is a picture of the chapel on York Road/ Main Street here. As it says, the chapel was demolished to be replaced by a house. All that is left is the run of railings that used to stand in front of the chapel


Primitive Methodist magazine 1820 page 94

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  • East Acklam Primitive Methodist Chapel, Yorkshire

    Acklam, (or East Acklam), a parish in the wapentake of Buckrose, in the East Riding of the county of York, 6 miles S. of Malton. It comprises the townships of Acklam with Barthorpe and Leavening.

    East Riding of Yorkshire Archives, Beverley has the following information about this chapel.

    Ref. MRP/11: East Acklam Primitive Methodist Chapel, built 1821. Sold in 1937. Files to include letter regarding schedule of deeds for 1815-1888.

    See also further information on this page - http://www.myprimitivemethodists.org.uk/documents/E_Riding_PM_chapels_date_recorded1.pdf

    Genuki, using a a transcription of The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland 1868 identifies the Primitive Chapel was in the township of Leavening.

    By Ray & Marie (Mr. & Mrs. Ella) (09/04/2018)

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