Chilson Primitive Methodist Chapel

Built 1867

former Chilson Primitive Methodist chapel
Keith Guyler 1990

The Primitive Methodist chapel at Chilson was built in 1867.

At the time of Keith Guyler’s photograph in 1990 it was a private house.

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  • On a Google Sat-Map the plaque on the apex front wall appears to be eroding but on the roadside wall there is or was a newer sign worded The Old Chapel, it on Publicote Lane.

    The Builder, vol. 25, issue 1291, page 812, Nov., 1867 :
    On the 20th, a new Primitive Methodist Chapel at Chilson, Oxon, was open for public worship. The chapel is built entirely with the stone recently discovered on the adjoining Publicote estate. Mr. R. Norton of Chilson was the builder.

    By Raymond E. O. Ella (25/08/2021)
  • I was briefly a member of the John Wesley Society in Oxford when an undergraduate 1967-70 but I never became a Methodist member. Group 20 had an arrangement with Burford Methodist Church to conduct the service there maybe one or more Sundays in the year but I remember once we also went to Chilson Methodist Church but hardly anybody from that community came to the service.

    By Brian Carlick (03/11/2020)
  • Thanks for the extra information. ¬†Glad to hear of the camp meeting tradition being continued.

    By Christopher Hill (02/10/2016)
  • This chapel closed in 1988. The Sunday service was at 3pm in the winter and 6pm in the summer. Every year for their anniversary service, they had an open Air meeting on the village green, which is where the chapel was situated. I attended the services when visiting my uncle Mr Toogood.

    By B Toogood (29/09/2016)

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