Newbridge (Shalfleet) Primitive Methodist Chapel, Isle of Wight

Return from Shalfleet Primitive Methodist chapel in the 1851 Census of Places of Public Religious Worship
Provided by David Tonks
Newbridge Primitive Methodist Chapel

The 1941 Methodist Statistical Return only identifies one chapel in Newbridge, an ex-United Methodist (probably Bible Christian) chapel.

However, the 1851 Religious Census for Hampshire makes reference to Bethesda Primitive Methodist Chapel at Shalfleet – with a note in the transcribed book that the chapel was probably in the hamlet of Newbridge. This chapel was built in 1847, and the steward was James Marks of Ningwood, nr Yarmouth. Average attendance was said to be 80 with 30 scholars.

Note: Most of the hamlet of Newbridge lies within the Parish of Shalfleet.

The Women’s Institute Isle of Wight Village Book website records: “In 1856 the Primitive Methodists put up a chapel, which today is the Mission Church, with Church of England services held once a month by the Vicar of Shalfleet.”

The Geograph website has the following information:

  • Ref. SZ4187: photograph of former Primitive Methodist Chapel, Newbridge, Isle of Wight. (There is a plaque on wall but not viewable on this side view picture).

Additional information (added by editor CH 2020)

The 1863 Primitive Methodist magazine (page 367) contains an account by W Dinnick of the opening of a new chapel in Newbridge, Newport:

Newbridge, Newport, Isle of Wight. —About two years since our brethren missioned this neighbourhood, and God has owned and blessed our labours to the conversion of many precious souls. To his name be the glory

On Lord’s Day, Jan. 18th, we opened a new chapel here ; crowded congregations assembled, and the Rev. W. Baitson, delivered two sermons on the occasion. The afternoon service was conducted by Mr. W. Cheverton.

On the following Monday a public tea was provided, and attended by a large assembly from the surrounding villages and towns. Afterwards a public meeting was held, which gave great satisfaction ; it was presided over by our friend Mr. Joseph Bash, Circuit Steward, and addressed by brothers Moorey, Dennes, Cheverton, Cowdry, Alderslade, Connel, Baitson, and the writer.

On Sunday, January 25th, the opening services were brought to a close by Mr. D. Dennes. For the prosperity that God is favouring us with as a Circuit, and for the kindness of our esteemed friend Mr. Woodford, we tender our sincere thanks; and taking courage, we hope and believe that brighter days will yet appear. W. Dinnick.”

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  • I have lived next door to Newbridge Primitive Methodist Chapel since 1974 and purchased the chapel soon after, when it was put on the market. It is now part of my house. I hold the deeds and have drafted a history of the chapel based on them. I also have photographs I am happy to share. Newbridge had two chapels, also a Sunday School and a Salvation Army Barracks and this can lead to confusion. I believe the census return shown is for Ningwood Chapel, which is not in Newbridge but is also in the parish of Shalfleet

    By Hilary Higgins (14/12/2020)
  • The Registrar General listed two chapels in 1867 which seem to relate to these various comments.

    There was a chapel in Newbridge, on the Calbourne to Yarmouth Road, adjoining a cottage occupied by John Harding.

    There was also Bethesda Chapel, in the Parish of Shalfleet, but located in Ninwood

    By Philip Thornborow (25/11/2020)
  • I’ve added an account by W Dinnick of the opening of a new chapel in Newbridge. It comes from the 1863 Primitive Methodist magazine (page 367). I’ve also added a location map.
    The 1861/2 Ordnance Survey map shows only Zion chapel (Bible Christian); the 1896 map has added the Primitive Methodist chapel. By 1939 the two chapels are labelled Methodist church.

    By Christopher Hill (05/04/2020)

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