Southwark, Newington Butts Primitive Methodist Chapel

There was an early Primitive Methodist  Society at Newington Butts, evidenced by the baptismal records that are held at the National Archives.

  • Ref. RG 4/4527: Newington Butts, House of God, London, Primitive Methodists Baptisms 1806/7-1837, !.

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  • Looks like an ancestor of mine – Elias Carpenter – was a Minister at this Church and performed baptisms from at least 1806 to at least 1818.  Source – baptism records for the children of his daughter Sinai Catherine Winter and her husband William Leyton Winter.

    By John Winter (13/08/2018)
  • Bit more info.  Looks like Elias Carpenter was following the charlatan, Joanna Southcott, for a few years!

    By John Winter (13/08/2018)
  • Ancestry wrongly names the Baptism Register of this chapel as Primitive Methodist. If you look at the beginning of the register, it clearly says that this was a ‘Primitive Christian’ Chapel, called The House of God, which was founded about 1804, and dissolved in 1840.  The name ‘Primitive Methodist’ was not adopted until 1812, and reached London considerably later than this.  I have checked the records and Elias Carpenter was not a Methodist minister of any sort. I haven’t been able to find  anything about the ‘Primitive Christian’ sect in Newington Butts at this time, but it sounds as if there is a fascinating story to be told!

    By Jill Barber (13/08/2018)

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