Woolwich Primitive Methodist chapel

Upper Eglinton Road

Eglington Hill Chapel exterior
Supplied by Lyn Bliss
Eglington Hill Chapel interior
Supplied by Lyn Bliss

The 1880 Primitive Methodist magazine includes two reports on a new chapel at Woolwich. The September  magazine tells us that memorial stones had been laid for a new Primitive Methodist chapel and the opening of Woolwich Primitive Methodist chapel in the London Fifth circuit is noted in the December 1880 Primitive Methodist magazine.

Very little detail is included except that James Chapman agreed to pay for the ground  if the  society could raise £600 towards the overall cost. No opening date is given, but the mention comes in a list of recently opened chapels.

The 1882 Primitive Methodist magazine tells us the full story behind the opening of a new chapel and  schoolrooom in the London Fifth circuit  in Upper Eglinton Road. The land, worth £250, was gifted in 1879 by its owner, James Chapman, on condition that within three years a chapel had been built and £600 raised towards the cost. The challenge was accepted on behalf of the society by Revs JH Allen and John Phillips and within one year rather than three the gift was handed over.  In fact, Mr Chapman was so pleased with the work that went into the new chapel that he gave the last £50 himself.

The 1882 account says that Mr Chapman had been very generous in many other ways to the work of the circuit.

On the 1897 and later  Ordnance Survey maps, a Primitive Methodist chapel is shown on the eastern side of Eglinton Road (rather than Upper Eglinton Road) , just south of its junction with Herbert Road.  Was that this chapel? The site has been redeveloped since.


Primitive Methodist magazine September 1880 page 573

Primitive Methodist magazine December 1880 page 761

Primitive Methodist magazine 1882 page 125

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  • I have a commemorative trowel from the laying of the first stone of this chapel. I have no idea how it came into our families possession but it’s been in the family for at least 50 years.

    Would love to see more images of this chapel.

    By David Jackson (19/02/2022)
  • Lyn,
    Thanks for the pictures of this chapel and information about what happened to the building.

    By Geoff Dickinson (07/08/2021)
  • I have two photographs of Eglington Hill Primitive Methodist Chapel taken before it was destroyed by a bomb during WW2. I would be happy to share them if you are interested.

    My father was Christened there in 1920, and my grandmother was a Circuit Preacher there.

    By Lyn Bliss (07/08/2021)

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