Eustace, Richard

Methodist Lay Preacher and Bailiff

My husbands family on the Eustace side came from Drayton in Oxfordshire.    My late mother in law May Corke used to talk of Pappi Eustace – who was a lay preacher in the nearby Methodist Church – he was quite a stern preacher and asked for her (aged 4) to be removed as too noisy  for the service.   It is interesting that he was a Bailiff on the big estate .

Would love to know if there is a register of lay preachers around 1890


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  • Richard Eustace was my great grandfather. I have his bible presented to him in celebration of 50 years service to the Oxford Circuit. It is dated 4th February 1926. He was born in Drayton on 16th Feb 1845 and died on 20th April 1929. If I can be of help with research please contact me. Donna


    By Donna Eustace (01/01/2015)
  • Thank you for the information Geoff. My husband says the date I gave was actually richard’s birth year so perhaps would need to add on say 25 years to my estimate. The site is interesting we will get round to submitting a photo os the little chapel now a house just near Richard’s cottage in Drayton St Leonard – – many of these chapels must have become houses now. Marian

    By Marian Corke (25/03/2013)
  • Marian, There is no register of lay preachers as such. You could look for the circuit preaching plans for that time which may be lodged the county archives relevant to that church. You can use the Methodist Heritage website to find out which archive the records are likely to be in. If you are very lucky you might find they also have minutes of preachers and/or circuit meetings where Richard may be mentioned.

    By Geoff Dickinson (19/03/2013)

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