Jupe, Charles (1837-1909)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1894

Early years

Charles was born in 1836 at Marks Corner, Northwood, Isle of Wight to parents Jacob Jupe and Celia Casford. Jacob was an agricultural labourer.

Charles attended a small Congregational Sunday School as a child. Although he experienced religious feelings when young they were not nurtured and the neglected child grew into a wayward youth.

About 1850 the Congregational Chapel passed to the Primitive Methodists. Celia became a keen worker in the PM Society at Northwood. When aged 20, Charles was stricken with fever. This gave him time for thought, which led to his conversion in February 1857. In July 1857 the society at Northwood had a fervid and startling evangelist appointed (E. C. Pritchard). He heavily influenced Charles to join in the ‘soul-saving’ business. In September 1857 Charles went on the plan.


Whilst at South Molton, more than 100 persons professed conversion, a new chapel was erected and paid for.

At Plymouth, Charles reported an increase of 170 members.

His obituary records that Charles was on his throne when in the pulpit. He put into his sermons his very best. He was always evangelical in his preaching. Christ and Him crucified was the theme that charmed him and entranced his hearers.

Charles had a very good constitution, which in his early ministry stood him in good stead. He loved the open-air service and the prayer meeting with its fire and power.


Charles married Eleanor Brasier Phillips (1848-1949) in early 1871 at Luton, Bedfordshire. Census returns identify seven children.

  • Charles William Casford (1872-1963) – a schoolmaster
  • Archibald (1874-1940) – a cabinet maker
  • James Augustus (1875-1929) – a joiner; emigrated to Canada in 1907
  • Eleanor Elizabeth (1877-1950) – a nurse; married Ben Watkinson
  • Robert (abt1879-1958) – YMCA General Secretary (1911)
  • Orpah (1880-1968) – a school teacher
  • Lily Brasier (1890-1957) – married Llewellyn Charles Weston, a painter

Charles died on 14 March 1909 at High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.


  • 1862 Teignmouth
  • 1863 Teignmouth & Torquay
  • 1864 S Molton
  • 1866 Cardiff
  • 1867 Plymouth
  • 1869 Kingston
  • 1870 Luton
  • 1872 London II
  • 1876 High Wycombe
  • 1879 London IX
  • 1881 London XIV
  • 1882 Kentish Town
  • 1884 Luton II
  • 1887 Newbury
  • 1890 Hackney Rd
  • 1894 Battersea
  • 1896 High Wycombe
  • 1902 High Wycombe (S)


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  • Charles Jupe’s first marriage on 6th January 1869 was to Sarah Hazell Jupe (his first cousin) at Newport Primitive Methodist Chapel, Isle of Wight. Sarah died on 14th December 1869 aged 29 (due to pregnancy complications) at Kingston in Surrey.

    He had another child with Eleanor – Ethelburt Jupe who died aged 1 year on 27th April 1879 at Bridge Street, High Wycombe.

    By Paul Clarke (06/03/2019)

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