Davey, John (1794-1866)

Transcription of obituary published in the Primitive Methodist Magazine by E Howchin

JOHN DAVY was born at Swafield, near North Walsham, Norfolk, September 14th 1794. His early life was spent according to the course of this world, without God and without hope, regardless of the things that made for his eternal peace. The Spirit of God often strove with him, but he resisted his gracious admonitions until the year 1824, when the truth was applied with power to his heart and brought him to serious consideration and reflection. He saw himself a wretched, undone and miserable sinner, and that without the grace of God he must be lost for ever. From that moment he earnestly sought God, and as soon as he trusted alone in Christ for salvation, his load of sin was removed, and he could sing with all his heart, “I am free! I am free!” He then felt a perfect hatred to sin, and a perfect love to all that was good. He immediately united with the Primitive Methodists, saying, “This people shall my people, and their God my God.” 

After the lapse of a short time, he felt it to be his imperative duty to warn sinners to flee from the wrath to come; he was consequently put on the circuit’s plan, and on the Lord’s day he walked many miles to tell the people what God had done for his soul, and his labours were not in vain in the Lord; he was successful in converting a number to the faith of the Gospel. 

In the year 1830, he was taken out to travel by the North Walsham circuit. He subsequently laboured in the following stations, viz., Fakenham, Brandon, Hounslow, Mattishall, Lynn, Upwell, Snettisham, Wisbeach, Wangford, North Walsham, Burnley, Chester, Bradwell, Preston Brook, Warrington and Northampton. About twenty-three years, brother Davy itinerated those circuits with some degree of success; after which he returned to his native station, where he forthwith identified himself with the society.

His name soon appeared on the preachers’ plan, and he was also put at the head of a class. These offices he fulfilled with faithfulness and perseverance, and the blessing of God attended him. After having served God upwards of forty years, he died in the faith of the Gospel, November 17th 1866, aged seventy-three years.


John was born on 14 September 1794 at Swafield, North Walsham, Norfolk, to parents Richard and Hannah. He was baptised on 24 September 1794 at Swafield.

John died on 17 November 1866 at North Walsham, Norfolk.


  • 1830 Fakenham
  • 1832 Brandon
  • 1834 Hounslow
  • 1835 Mattishall
  • 1836 Lynn
  • 1837 Upwell
  • 1838 Snettisham
  • 1839 Wisbech
  • 1840 Fakenham
  • 1841 Wangford
  • 1843 N Walsham
  • 1844 Burnley
  • 1845 Chester
  • 1846 Bradwell
  • 1847 Preston Brook
  • 1848 Warrington
  • 1850 Northampton
  • 1852 disappears


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  • Thanks Ray,
    I will look it up next time I am able to visit Englesea Brook Museum.

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  • There is an obituary for John in the Primitive Methodist magazine p244 (I think in the 1867 edition). He was born 14 Sept 1794 and died 17 Nov 1866. The obituary was written by E Howchin. He was buried at North Walsham in a common grave and his profession was “dissenting minister”.

    By Ray Poll (21/04/2020)

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