Lovatt, Thomas (1838-1915)

Primitive Methodist Magazine 1908

Transcription of Magazine ‘Sketch’

Primitive Methodism has reason to be proud of such men as Mr. Thomas Lovatt, the Circuit Steward of the Newcastle-under-Lyme Station. For forty-six years he has been a consistent member of the “Higherland” Church, in the town of his birth. As well as being Circuit Chancellor, he has held with credit the office of Society Steward for twenty-nine years, besides working in the Sunday School. He is an enthusiastic missionary supporter.

As a lad he collected diligently. As a man he occupies annually the chair at the missionary meeting. In 1905 he gave 100 guineas to stimulate generosity in the District to the missionary work, and he promised the same sum to the Centenary fund. If his pocket were as big as his heart there would be no more generous donor in the Connexion. Loyally in all his good deeds he has been upheld by his family. At seventy he is still young, and we pray for him years of service.

John. E. Leuty

Family and other information

Thomas was born in 1838 at Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, to parents James and Margaret. James was a grocer. (Note: See correction below)

Thomas was a potters ornamentor and dealer in glass and china.

Thomas married Delilah Wilkes (1842-1901) on 3 April 1863 at St Giles Church, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire. Census returns identify seven children.

  • William (b abt1866) – an earthenware manufacturer (1915)
  • Sarah (abt 1868-1929) -married Thomas Richard Maland, a PM Minister, later becoming a draper
  • Elizabeth (1870-1963) – married Arthur Samuel Maland, a dealer tailor and draper
  • John (b1872) – a butcher’s apprentice (1891)
  • Delilah (abt1875-1964) – married Alfred Cromwell Harvey, a grocer and provision merchant
  • Arthur (b1879) – a board schoolteacher (1901)
  • Alice Maud (b1884)

Thomas died on 8 January 1915 at Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire.


Primitive Methodist Magazine 1908/862

Census Returns and Births, Marriages & Deaths Registers


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  • You may be interested to have a picture of a Wedgwood plaque which was designed by Thomas Lovatt. It has a profile of John Wesley and I date it. c.1900.

    If you are interested get back to me


    By Donald H. Ryan (09/06/2018)
  • Donald,

    Please send a copy of the photo to the Englesea Brook Museum and I will upload it to the page.

    By Geoff Dickinson (09/06/2018)
  • I would like to contact Jenny Lovatt. My great granmother was Olive Hill Lovatt sister to This Thomas Lovatt and daughter of Thomas Lovatt and Mary Hill

    Olive married George Downs my great granfather in 1876 and there son George immigrated to Australia in 1906 and changed his name to George Downes

    Gil Downes

    By Downes (16/12/2015)
  • Thanks for this excellent information on my husband’s great-great grandfather — I have never seen the magazine article or photo. One correction: Thomas Lovatt’s parents were Thomas Lovatt (shoemaker, Methodist preacher and indeed, a grocer) and Mary Hill. I would be most interested in any more information on this gentleman (and knowing where he is buried), as I am currently writing his biography. He is best known for the many years he spent at Wedgwood as an ornamenter of jasperware; his work is still highly regarded by collectors. Also, as an old man in 1913 he charmed the King and Queen during their visit to the potteries by singing a song for them, a story which was reported in newspapers around the globe. He was evidently quite a character!

    By Jenny Lovatt (19/01/2015)

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