Taylor, William (1800-1849)

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Early Years

William was born in Tunstall in 1800 to parents Samuel and Sarah. William trained as a potter. He became a member of the Tunstall PM Society at the age of 18 and soon was on full plan. Economic conditions required William to move to Don Potteries in Yorkshire in 1819. He was soon leading 3 classes and preaching 2-3 times per week. In 1820 the Sheffield Circuit sponsored him to travel.


Petty relates that on 16 July 1820, William and another (Sister Perry) stood up in Huddersfield market place and began to preach. Constables rudely interrupted them and took them into custody. In prison they prayed and sang praises to God. A multitude of people gathered outside, many of whom sympathised with them, and gave them food through the bars of the prison. The following day, despite not agreeing to a request to not preach in the town again, the magistrate freed them without a fine.

William continued on to Wakefield and then Barnsley with much success.

William’s obituary records; ‘He had lofty views of the Gospel, but humbling ones of his own talents as a preacher thereof; he considered himself an unpolished instrument’.


William married Sarah (1895-1852). Census returns identify one son.

William (1829-1891) – a hairdresser

William died on15 August 1849 in Gainsborough.


  • 1821 Barnsley
  • 1822 Belper
  • 1823 Brompton
  • 1824 S Shields
  • 1825 Barnsley
  • 1827 Keighley
  • 1828 New Mills
  • 1829 Preston Brook
  • 1831 Oldham
  • 1833 Leeds
  • 1835 Pontefract
  • 1837 Scotter
  • 1839 Wakefield
  • 1840 Malton
  • 1841 Otley
  • 1843 Pocklington
  • 1845 Grimsby
  • 1847 Louth
  • 1849 Gainsborough


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  • My grand-dad was William Taylor and I have just started looking into the Taylor side of the family tree.  My dad was George William Taylor, his dad was William Taylor and his granddad was William Taylor.

    William Taylor used to live in Chesterfield but his grand father was from Lincolnshire; both his dad and grandfather were miners.  

    If you are the right Taylor, please could you email mail me and we can give out are phone number.  This is no joke,  my grand father was William Taylor and my dad was a Taylor.  My dad George William Taylor passed away 6 years ago and never  told me, his Caroline Taylor  anything about the Taylor side of  family.  I am married and my grand-mother was Beatrice  Taylor.    She married William Taylor  and lived in Chesterfield.  They had 3 sons , my  dad was first born then there is Norman Taylor and Eric Taylor.

    I really would love to  know about my great grandfather and grand-mother  hope to hear from you soon.  From Caroline  Horsley; was  Taylor  now married.

    By caroline horsley (06/04/2016)
  • William Tayor was my 3xgreat grandfather. 

    I have found another child Hannah Taylor whose baptism was registered in the Tunstall Primitive Methodist Register (found on the Ancestry website). She was baptised in 1822. 

    After William’s death Sarah and son William returned to Tunstall. The offspring of William and Sarah have remained living in the area.

    By Pauline Lear (25/02/2014)

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