Wright, Harold (1887-1976)

Harold at home after retirement
Harold Wright Obituary
Harold Wright and Thirza wedding photo
Marked Copy of the 1914 Hartley College Photograph. My grandfather is circled in white and I assure that the two circled in black are george Bell and Charles Sheldrake. Charles is in the front of my grandfather.

Harold Wright was my grandfather. His mothers family was very active in the church in the Acle area of Norfolk and his wife’s family was likewise in the Wisbech area (she came from Guyhirn). It is believed that he met his wife through her brother, John William Payne, who had travelled to London at the same time as Harold to consider the possibility of joining the ministry. In the end only Harold proceeded.
The chapel near Canterbury referred to in the obituary was in fact Shalmsford St. where his daughter (my mother) had started and run the Sunday school for many years when we lived in Chartham.


Transcription of obituary published in the Minutes of Conference

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  • Many thanks for posting this. It is great to find. I am a distant relation of Thirza Wright’s (great great nephew) and I would be very interested to know more about her life and family. I have a couple of letters from Thirza to her brother John Payne, who you refer to above, and later his daughter Sylvia. In the former she is living with her eldest brother Richard (my great grandfather) after falling out with her father for refusing to work on the family smallholding in Guyhirn. She is also struggling with her faith. In the latter her sense of humour is apparent and she refers to Harold as “his Reverence”, good heartedly I think. John and Thirza were clearly close in their younger years. Uncle John stood for Parliament in 1929 and 1935. I have speaking notes written by John which are marked “Ordination Service 1914”. I had wondered whether they might be for Harold’s ordination and the date accords with the date for his first station in the previous comment. Many years ago I met Harold’s son Eric at a family event and have inherited photos of Eric (along with ‘Amy’, perhaps his wife?) from the thirties and forties. I would be happy to share these if you are interested. Thanks again for posting.

    By Nick Payne (27/06/2019)
  • Leary gives the following stations for Harold.
    1914 Thetford
    1918 Briston
    1921 Pocklington
    1922 Whitehaven
    1925 Nottingham IV
    1928 Clayton West
    1932 Sheffield III
    1934 Sheffield NE
    1937 Ripley, Nottingham Rd
    1942 Doncaster Sp Gd
    1946 Retford, carol
    1950 Sudbury
    1953 Norwich (Sup)
    An obituary was published in the Minutes of Conference 1977/87

    By Geoff Dickinson (14/05/2019)

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